/ / Historic centre of Brindisi: photo description (Centro storico di Brindisi)

Historic centre of Brindisi: photo description (Centro storico di Brindisi)

Historic centre of Brindisi, the perfect place for exploring this city, the capital of the eponymous province in the Italian region of Puglia. Part of the historic center of the city is still walled in the times of the Aragonese dynasty (mid 15th century), which later was somewhat modified by orders of king Charles V were added to the bastions. Between them is the updated Torre San Giacomo - today it hosts art exhibitions and public events. Here is the Port Mesagne - the main gate at Brindisi, the construction of which belongs to the 13th century. The smaller gate was built in the 1930-ies. Next to the gate you can see the impressive ramparts with bastions of the 16th century. Another one of the historical gates of the city - Port of Lecce, framed on both sides of the ancient fortified walls.

On the way to the Cathedral of Brindisi you should pay attention to the old building Granafei Nirvana the 16th century. And in Piazza Duomo you can see the cloister, once part of the former residence of the family De Cateriano (14th century), the Archaeological Museum, the medieval Loggia Balsamo, which probably once housed the mint, the Bishop's library, founded in 1798, the year and holds more than 60 thousand books of immense historical importance, the diocese Museum, located in the Seminary building. The latter is notable for its collection of archaeological artifacts, old paintings and one of the six marble vases, the ones who according to legend was used by Jesus Christ for the wonders of creation. According to legend, this jar Jesus turned water into wine.

Tourists also should visit the archaeological area in the old quarter of San Pietro degli Schiavoni. This zone is dated to the period of Ancient Rome, is spread over an area of 5 thousand sq. m under building of a new theatre. To see the excavation through the glass floor of the theater or downstairs. Here you can see the ancient building, decorated with marble and mosaics, the thermal baths and the high street, stone. Nearby, in via Casimiro, opened to inspect the ruins of the houses and the temple.

In the center of Piazza della Vittoria is an old fountain of the 17th century - it was built with the help of soldiers of the Spanish Galleon, which at that time was anchored in the Bay. Another interesting fountain is the Fountain of anchors installed in 1937, the year in Piazza Cairoli.