/ / The historic centre of Vibo Valentia: photo description (Centro storico di Vibo Valentia)

The historic centre of Vibo Valentia: photo description (Centro storico di Vibo Valentia)

The historic centre of Vibo Valentia is a must to visit place in this small resort town in Calabria. Its main attraction is the Cathedral of San Leoluca, built in the 18th century and dedicated to the patron Saint of the city. The Cathedral stands on the site of two other, earlier churches - Byzantine Basilica of the 9th century and the medieval Church of the 13th century. Facade of the Cathedral seem to be hugging the two bell towers. Bronze doors - the work of the contemporary sculptor Giuseppe Nila.

Inside the Cathedral San Leoluca consists of three naves. A remarkable altar-18th century, with statues of Carrara marble, depicting the Madonna delle Neve, is the work of a distinguished Neapolitan sculptor Annibale Caccavelli (1515-1570). In the left chapel is preserved the picture of the 16th century, and in the left transept is a marble triptych of the same period of the sculptor Antonello Gagini.

Near the Cathedral you can see the Renaissance building, known as Valentinianus, - it is remarkable for its lovely cloister. In the past it housed a Dominican monastery, but in the 16th century, it was converted by order of Duke Pignatelli. The building houses artifacts from the Cathedral and other local churches and private collections, religious items, a crucifix of ivory and wood and many paintings of 16-19-th centuries. Particularly noteworthy are the bronze statue of Cosimo, Fanzago depicting angels and saints.

In the old town of Vibo Valentia preserved several buildings from 16 to 19 centuries, for example, the Palazzo di Francia, built by disciples of Luigi Vanvitelli, Palazzo Romei, designed by Alberti, and the Palazzo Marzano 17th century. It is also interesting to examine the archaeological collections at Palazzo Cordopatri and the Archaeological Museum, housed in an old Norman castle. The castle overlooking the town, is another worthwhile attraction.