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Cavazzana: photos, description Cavizzana)

Cavazzana is the youngest from the point of view of empowerment, the municipality of Val di sole and the only one located on the right Bank of the river Noce in the lower part of the valley. It gained independence in 1956, the year after many years of entering the municipality of Caldes. In recent years, the town experienced a period of demographic and economic growth, which affected the development of its infrastructure. Today the most important role in the economy of Cavazzani still playing agriculture, specializing in the cultivation of apples, and in the past it was also grown lemons and iron ore was mined.

The toponym "Calizzano" comes from the Latin word "kareks", which means "cane reeds". The town was first mentioned in 1200, the year, and already in 1318, the year he received the name, which is preserved to this day. For many centuries, this small community was governed by its own Set of Laws, a copy of which, dated 1586, the year can be seen in the local Museum. About one of the areas of Cavazzana - Fucine - tell a terrible legend. Supposedly, in the old days there every two years a woman had killed her husband. This happened as long as one priest put a curse on the entire area and that she had been buried under a landslide came down.

Cavazzani attraction is the parish Church of San Martino, built in the first half of the 14th century and rebuilt in the 15th century. Later it was expanded and renovated. The facade is decorated with a portal framed by two Windows and topped by a Baroque light. Attracts the attention of nearby bell tower with arched Windows and brick truncated pyramidal spire. Inside the Church, with its Gothic arches there are three wooden altars in Baroque style. The tabernacle of the main altar, decorated with carving, gilding and figures, is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole valley.

Also worth seeing is the famous "Sass de La Guardia" - Stone Guards, standing on the ancient road that connected Calizzano with Kalidasa. Embossed on it the date 1632, which mentions the plague that broke out in Val di sole. Interesting for the visitors was the walk tour trail, starting at an altitude of 1087 meters and leads to the lake Verdes on the Alpine plateau, which offers breathtaking views of the Val di sole and Val di Non.