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Casale Monferrato: photo description (Casale Monferrato)

Casale Monferrato is a small town in the Italian region Piedmont, in the province of Alessandria. Located 60 km East of Turin on the right Bank of the Po river at the foot of the hills Monferrato. During the Roman Empire it was an important regional centre. Then followed a period of decline caused by the fall of the Empire and the numerous barbaric invasions, after which, in the 15-16-th centuries, Casale Monferrato became a free city. Subsequently, the city was captured by the family of Gonzaga, on whose initiative there was built one of the largest and most important citadel of Europe. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Casale, due to its favorable strategic location, was besieged by Spanish and French armies, and in the years of the struggle for the unification of Italy there was one of the bastions of struggle against the Austrian Empire.

Today Casale Monferrato is an important industrial centre located in the so-called industrial triangle Turin - Milan - Genoa. With the end of the 19th century known as "the cement capital," since the city has a plant for the production of this material.

Historic city center - Piazza Mazzini, named in honor of Giuseppe Mazzini, the leading figure of the movement for the unification of Italy. On the square the equestrian statue of king Charles albert in the costume of a Roman Senator - the work of sculptor Abbondio, Sangiorgio 1843, the year. One of the reason of the installation of the statue was the first in the city of a permanent bridge across the river. The locals called Piazza Cavallo (Italian for "horse").

To the East of the square you can see the Cathedral of Sant Ehwaz, built in the Lombardo-Romanesque style. It was founded in 742, the year, rebuilt in the 12th century and consecrated in 1107, the year Pope Pascal II. Once on the site of the Cathedral stood the Roman temple of Jupiter. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Cathedral was restored. To the North of Piazza Mazzini, is another religious building is the Church of San Domenico, erected in the 15th century.

From Piazza Mazzini originates street of via Lanza, which is a confectionery "Krumiri Rossi" - here they bake the famous biscuits "krumiri", invented in 1870-th year. On the same street you can see the Church of San Giuseppe 17-th century, and the high tower of Palazzo Morelli di Popolo.

To the West from Piazza Mazzini runs via Saffi, which is one of the main town attractions, such as Torre Civica. This square brick tower with a height of 60 m dates from the 11th century. The balconies in the upper part was added later in the 16th century. Near the tower stands the Church of San Stefano, and a little further you can see a neoclassical Palazzo Ricci di Cereseto with an impressive façade, four massive columns of brick.

Another interesting area of Casale Monferrato is the Piazza Castello with the castle of the palaeologi dynasty of the 15th century. Here is the elegant Baroque Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, better known as Santa Caterina. In the North-Eastern part of the square stands the Municipal theatre, inaugurated in 1791, the year. From the theatre originates the via Garibaldi, which is the Church of the 16th century Sant Ilario, notable for its multi-colored facade.

Among the other attractions of Casale Monferrato can be called a synagogue, built in the 16th century and is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, the war memorial 1928, the year (the work of Bistolfi) bronze sculpture "the Crucified soldier", Baroque palaces - Palazzo d in Alencon, Palazzo Treviso, Palazzo carretto, Biandrate Casa, Palazzo, Sannazaro, Palazzo Gozani.