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Casalmaggiore: photo description (Casalmaggiore)

Casalmaggiore is a small beautiful town in the province of Cremona in the Italian region Marche, attracting tourists with monuments of history and architecture and interesting museums. Its origin still remains shrouded in mystery. The discovery in 1970, the year the so-called "Stazione ENEA" in the temple Fountain and findings in the area Pescaprae, suggests that settlements on the site of modern Casalmaggiore exist since the bronze age. The first written mention of the city meet in the caption below the icon of the blessed virgin Mary in the Church of San Giovanni Battista in the area of Isolabella. In the 11th century, Casalmaggiore was known as the fortress of the Estensi family, and in the 15th century the city was dominated by the Venetian Republic. The favorable geographical location also played a role in the city's history - here was the residence of the Duke of Milan and Marquis of Mantua, and was occupied by French and Spanish troops.

The center is Casalmaggiore Piazza Garibaldi, designed in the 17th century. In 1813, the year it was paved and acquired its present appearance. At the same time was the reconstruction of the town Hall standing in the square. Near Piazza Garibaldi, is situated the Palazzo Marcheselli and the former Church of Santa Croce, which today hosts a variety of events.

Another attraction Casalmaggiore is a unique Museum of treasures, located in the former College of the order of varnavidou. It was founded in 1986 year, and today his collection contains more than 35 thousand items - earrings, rings, eyeglasses, bracelets, brooches, pendants, elegant cigarette cases, powder boxes, icons and much more. I must say that once Casalmaggiore was one of the main European centers for the production of jewelry, which sold worldwide.

Another noteworthy Museum is the Museum of Ditty dedicated to the 19th century. It is located at Giuseppe Ditii - an ancient Palace, restored in 1837, the year for Professor of the Academy of Carrara, who spent here the last years of his life. The house contained his collection of works of art, and arranged the workshop in which Ditty did himself and taught others.

Of religious buildings Casalmaggiore worth a visit the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, built in the mid 19th century, standing next to the monastery of Santa Chiara, the 16th century temple of the Fountain, built in 1463, the year of the order of the Capuchins. The last remarkable Gothic architecture and the crypt with a miraculous source in the center. There is also the grave of the painter Francesco Mazzola, known as Il Parmigianino.