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Casertavecchia: photos, description (Casertavecchia)

Casertavecchia of the district of Caserta, lying at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, 10 km North-East of the city centre at the foot of Tifatini. In Italian language its name translates as Old Caserta, and it is really the ancient city centre, that preserved the appearance of a typical medieval Italian village.

The origin of Casertavecchia not reliably established, but according to the Benedictine monk Archimport, the village was founded in 861, the year. Earlier this place was the ancient Roman city of Kazam IRCAM. The first rulers of Casertavecchia was the Lombards, and then he was sacked by the Saracens, and later the fortified village became the provincial diocese. During the Norman domination began construction of the Cathedral of San Michele, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Then there rules a native of Swabia, Riccardo di Lauro, during which the city experienced a period of greatest prosperity.

In 1442, the year of Casertavecchia was conquered by the Aragonese dynasty, and began a long period of gradual decline which led to the fact that the city remained only the Seminary and the chair of the Bishop. When the Bourbons began the development of a large Caserta, and as a result, in 1842, the year all the political power and even the diocese is moved there. Casertavecchia left skoromniy provincial town. In 1960, the year it was declared a national monument of Italy.

Today, Casertavecchia lives mainly due to tourism. Here you can see the old Cathedral of San Michele with its bell tower of the 11th century, the Church of the Annunciation and the ruins of the ancient Castello Medioevale with a tower, and dine at one of the local pizzerias with scenic views of the surroundings.