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Casino Vanvitelliana: photos, description (Casina Vanvitelliana)

Casino Vanvitelliana - remarkable hunting Lodge, located on a small island on lake Lago Fusaro in the municipality of Bacoli in the Italian region of Campania. Until the mid-18th century the area around the lake was sparsely populated, and in 1752, the year it was declared a hunting reserve of the Bourbon, who commissioned the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli to convert the local space. The architect designed a Grand project, which he, alas, was not destined to realize - the work was completed by his son Carlo Vanvitelli. It was in 1782, the year built a Royal hunting Lodge on the lake, at some distance from the shore. In this house, which became known as Casino Vanvitelliana, many outstanding individuals - the Holy Roman Emperor, Francis II, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Rossini Gioachino and President of the Italian Republic Luigi Einaudi.

From an architectural point of view Vanvitelliana Casino is one of the most remarkable buildings of the 18th century, in some ways reminiscent of another hunting residence - Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi in Piedmont. It consists of three octagonal pieces which are superposed on each other in the shape of a pagoda. Huge Windows located on two levels, and a long wooden bridge connects the Casino to the shore of the lake. Casino Vanvitelliana several times appeared in the movies: in the film "Ferdinando and Carolina Lina wertmuller, in the movie "Luke, the smuggler" Lucio Fulci.

As for Lago, Fusaro, it is known worldwide for its huge oysters and mussels. On its shore in addition to Casino Vanvitelliana is a large restaurant and a Park.