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Canazei: photo description (Canazei)

Canazei is one of the most famous ski resorts, located on the territory of the Italian valley of Val di Fassa in Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol between the mountains of Sassolungo, Marmolada and Sella. Interestingly, the city name can be translated as "reed, cane flow", while the city itself lies at the foot of the majestic Dolomites, and on the banks of the local river Avisio cane and does not smell. Probably, in ancient times, the river spread, and backwaters luxuriantly growing cane. Today, Canazei is a recognised ski resort which attracts tourists a variety of opportunities for practicing winter sports. You can get here best through Bolzano, which is only 44 km away, or from the Trento tourist services car hire, rail and bus service.

As mentioned above, Canazei refers to the large ski region of Val di Fassa (about 190 km of pistes) and has a total area of skiing resort of Campitello. The ski area Alba di Canazei-Ciampac consists of 15 km of trails, most of which belong to the red, and 6 lifts. In the area Canazei-Belvedere is laid almost 17 km of trails, also mainly red runs and 10 chairlifts and gondola lifts. Finally, Canazei-Pordoi Pass is just 5 km of trails and 3 lifts. Besides this, Canazei is easy to get to the popular ski area of Sella Ronda and shoot the breeze on the black track the Ciampac Canazei, which is considered one of the most difficult in the Dolomites. Fans of freeride will love the Belvedere district at the top of Col Rodella, where are the snowparks and boardercross trails.

Just 1.5 km from Canazei at an altitude of 1517 metres above sea level, nestled the tiny village of Alba di Canazei, famous for its cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine. From the top of the resort in addition to ski it is worth noting sports and Wellness centre "Eghes" in which you can take a course of massage or thalassotherapy, ice Palace Gianmaria Scola and a couple of cinemas. In the nearby town of Vigo di Fassa Ladin is running an interesting Museum dedicated to the Rhaetian culture. And in warm time of the year one of the branches of the Museum in the village of Pena, located just above Alba di Canazei. It is impossible to ignore and monuments of history and architecture in the heart of Canazei - 16 centuries of the Church of Snow virgin Mary, the Church of San Floriano, built in 1500, the year and decorated with murals and two Baroque altars, a Gothic Church of the 15th century Sant'antonio, Church of San Sebastiano and San Rocco, also built in the Gothic style, and the temple of the sacred Heart, built during the Second World war. By the way, the great war and dedicated to a private Museum which exhibits the artifacts of those years, found in the glaciers of the Marmolada.