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Cannero Riviera: photo description (Cannero Riviera)

Cannero Riviera is a small resort town located in the upper part of the Lago Maggiore. Due to its geographical position, Cannero boasts a rather Mediterranean than sub-Alpine climate, which, of course, is its main advantage. Cool summers and moderate winters are ideal for growing lemons, olives, oranges, palms, azaleas, rhododendrons and the world-famous camellias that grow wild here almost all year round.

The city stands on a small riparian plain formed by the deposits of the river Cannero. Fertile soil and mild climate are the reason that the first settlements on this territory appeared in the 10th century.

With its beautiful promenade of Cannero Riviera offers wonderful views of Lago Maggiore, Islands, Castelli di Cannero and the town of Luino, lying on the Lombard shore of the lake. No less beautiful are the views from the many Hiking trails running across the hills just outside the city and leading to the picturesque village surrounded by vineyards and chestnut groves. High on the cliff above Cannero is perched the village of Oggiono, and the village of Pancasari famous for its excellent Grappa. You can also visit the Ponte Cassino and Keddie. Along the way there are tiny churches and chapels and numerous round stone mortar, in which crushed nuts, flax seed and hemp, squeezed olives and shelled grain.

Definitely worth seeing the Castelli di Cannero are three rocky islets lying off the coast of Cannero, but administratively part of the municipality of Cannobio. The name Castelli - Castles - was due located on two of the three islets are the ruins of ancient fortresses. They were built between the 11th and 12th centuries and was called Malpaga. There are plans for the restoration of one of these fortresses, the Rocca Vitaliana, and its transformation into a tourist attraction.

All year round in Cannero Riviera offers a variety of events - exhibitions, tours, concerts, etc. But the most popular are the Spring Show of Camellias and the Citrus Festival.