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Cannobio: photo description (Cannobio)

Cannobio is a resort town on Lago Maggiore, which dates back to the days of Ancient Rome - this is evidenced by the discovered the sarcophagi of the 2nd 3rd century BC, now kept in the local Palazzo della Ragione.

The first documented mention of Cannobio refers to the 909-year. In the Middle ages the city was a center for the production of wool and leather tanning. In 1207, the year of Cannobio received the status of administrative autonomy, and at the end of the 13th century there was built the aforementioned Palazzo della Ragione.

In 1522, the year in the city suddenly bled the icon of the blessed virgin Mary, and soon after the outbreak of the terrible plague that devastated coastal cities and villages. Only by some miracle of Cannobio and its residents remained safe and sound. Religious leaders saw this as the Providence of the Lord, and cardinal Charles Borromeo ordered to build a chapel, which to this day is kept the same icon of the virgin Mary. This event and other Church Cannobio's Santuario della pietà.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the economy of the garden flourished. Residential building is "stepped" across the borders of the medieval centre of the city and reached the coast of the lake. It was then built some large estate, including the Palazzo and the Palazzo Machine pironi.

In 1863 it was opened highway linking Cannobio with Switzerland, which triggered a new round of economic development in the city there are many factories and plants. And during the Second World war, the inhabitants of Cannobio revolted against the fascist regime and announced the establishment of the Republic of Ossola, which, however, lasted only six days - from 2 to 9 September 1944.

Today Cannobio is a popular tourist resort with many attractions. One of them is the Church of San Vittore, built in the 11th century and substantially rebuilt in 1733-1749-m years. Its bell tower dates from the 13th century. A huge area located on the city's waterfront and named after king Victor Emmanuel III, in 2003 and 2004-m years was renovated. It was re-paved with cobblestones and granite slabs and built wide steps leading to the lake. Has also been updated, some buildings of the old part of the city.

In the Northern part of Cannobio is a wide sandy beach, awarded the European Blue Flag for its cleanliness and infrastructure.