/ / Cappella Colleoni: photos, description (Cappella di Colleone)

Cappella Colleoni: photos, description (Cappella di Colleone)

The Cappella Colleoni is one of the main attractions of Bergamo, located in the Upper town in Piazza Duomo. The chapel was built in 1472, the year as the mausoleum of a famous Venetian condottiere, and army General Bartolomeo Colleoni. He for his plan ordered to destroy the sacristy of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and build in its place a chapel.

Being a very sophisticated and modern man, Colleoni designed a monument which is standing in the center of the town square, had to create a new panorama (by the way, for the same reason, since 1474, the year it was planned to carry the Palazzo della Ragione). The chapel was built by the architect Giovanni Antonio Amadeo, who at one time worked on the cemetery of the Certosa at Padua. The task assigned to the architect, was very difficult: he had to build a place of burial Colleoni, which at the same time, it should be suitable for carrying out the daily worship and create a single ensemble with the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. That is why the octagonal tambour of the dome of the chapel and pointed protrusions of the lamp resemble the intricate elements of the Basilica, and the violent iridescence of the façade of the chapel echoes the colors of the portals of the Basilica, established in the 14th century, Giovanni da Campione.

Inside the chapel you can see the tomb of Bartolomeo Colleoni. It consists of two superimposed on each other arch, inscribed in the arc de Triomphe, is a kind of processing typical of the Gothic tombs in the style of the Renaissance. Features of the Renaissance can be seen in the bas-reliefs and sculptures, which reflect the extraordinary ability of Amadeo. Also on the sarcophagus shows a wooden statue of Colleoni on horseback, made Sisto and Siri Nuremberg in 1501, the year. The arches of the dome and the lunettes decorated with wonderful frescos by Tiepolo.

At the left wall is the tomb of Medea, the beloved daughter of condottiere, also made Amadeo. In front of her - relief with the image of a Pieta, below a bench with a wooden inlay.