/ / Castelleone di Doetsch: photos, description (Castelleone di Suasa)

Castelleone di Doetsch: photos, description (Castelleone di Suasa)

Castelleone di Doetsch is a small town in the province of Ancona in the Italian region Marche, known for the nearby archaeological Park Doetsch with the ruins of the Roman town. A city set on a hill on the banks of the river Cesano, also often called the "green city" because of the numerous flower greenhouses and nurseries. Just behind the medieval castle are the ruins of the ancient city Doetsch, who was once situated along one of the branches of the ancient Roman road via Flaminia, which went to Senigallia. Since 1987, the year the Archaeological Department of the Marche region launched a program to conduct excavations on the territory of Soisy, in which was discovered the cobbled streets, shopping forum, two necropolis, the amphitheatre and the two patrician houses. All these ruins were included in the archaeological Park in the valley Drunk, Valbella.

Other attractions in castelleone di of Swazi can be called the Palazzo Compiano-Della Rovere, located in the historical centre of the city, it stands out for its beautiful portal of the 16th century and a graceful patio. Today, the Palazzo houses the archaeological Museum. Also worth seeing is the Church of San Pietro and San Paolo second half of the 16th century and the small chapel of San Martino, standing outside the city. You can see the early works of the artist Ercole Ramazzini.

Once upon a time the cultivation of onions was one of the main sectors of the economy castelleone di Doetsch - the inhabitants of the city was even called "lukovichki". And today is held here every year colorful Onion festival - Festa della Cipolla in the first week of September in the city you can enjoy a huge number of dishes cooked using this specific vegetable. Equally important holiday is a religious Holiday Scapegoat, is celebrated in the spring.