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Castelmola: photo description (Castelmola)

Castelmola is a small town in the province of Messina, located 170 km from Palermo and 40 km from Messina and directly adjacent to Taormina. On the area of 16.5 sq km is home to slightly more than a thousand people.

In ancient times the town was called Mile and its modern name - Castelmola derives from the Norman castle towering above the city centre on a rock in the form of a mill millstone ("Mola" in Italian).

Taormina was founded in the 8th century BC In the late 10th century the fierce Ibrahim, the ruler of Tunis Kairouan, destroyed the fortifications of the city, ruined the city, killed most of its inhabitants and left Castelmola through the gate, which since then became known as the "Gateway of the Saracens. In 1078 the Norman king Roger I expelled the Arabs from Sicily and built around a fortified castle new town, which was called Mola. From 1928 to 1947 it was part of Taormina, and later gained independence.

Today the inhabitants of Castelmola engaged in agriculture, breeding of cattle and production of Souvenirs. Here grow citrus, olives, prickly pears, grapes and wheat. Developed and tourist business in the old town has some interesting attractions, and the memory of the tourists can buy handmade Souvenirs and elegant embroidery.

Among the main places to visit in Castelmola, it is worth noting the City Hall on the Piazza Cappuccini, the castle ruins of the 16th century, the Church of San Giorgio, built in the 15th century, with a lovely plunge pool the work of Pietro da carona, and the 16th century Cathedral, restored in 1935. From Piazza San Antonio, built in 1954, offers a beautiful view on Taormina. The square itself is paved with white stone and volcanic lava, and its sidewalks lined with trees. Here comes the facade of the eponymous Church, rebuilt several times, but still preserved the features of traditional religious architecture in southern Italy. And close to the famous café "San Giorgio", opened in the 18th century. Since 1907 his home collect from visitors autographs and saying thank you, a unique album could see anyone.

In good weather, from the streets of Taormina with a fantastic view down to Taormina, the coast and the distant towering Hulk of mount Etna.