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Castelveter: photos, description (Castelfeder)

Castelveter is an interesting protected area, located above the town of Ora in the town of Montagna in South Tyrol. It is an ideal place for walks and rest, which is famous for its unique landscapes, known as the "Tyrolean Arcade". On-site Castelveter you can find ponds and marshes, intricate rock formations and the ruins of an ancient castle, which gave name to the whole area. This castle, built by the Byzantines in the Middle ages as a fortress, stands on top of a hill, 190 meters above sea level.

Castelveter attracts young and old fans of adventure, fans of Hiking and climbing, which can find interesting sites. While walking you can meet many different animals, however, are often caught goats. From the top of the hill on which stands the castle, with a beautiful view of the Valle Dell Adige, Altridge, Appiano and Caldaro until Salorno. And throughout this area are numerous archaeological sites, finds which date from the second Millennium BC, and a small Church from time immemorial considered sacred. Especially notable is the chapel of the Holy barbarians of the 6th century.

Due to the composition of local soils, flora Castelveter very unusual and represented for the most part shrubs, like the Submediterranean nizkostvolnye. There are also upstream and downstream of the meadow swamp, which amaze travelers with its greenery.