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Castiglione del Lago: photo description (Castiglione del Lago)

Castiglione del Lago is a town in the province of Perugia, located on the southwestern shores of lake Trasimeno, 56 km from Florence and 47 km from Perugia. Once the place where today stands the city was an island - the fourth on the lake. However, over time, the growth of the settlement, the shoal between the island and the lake shore was built up with squares, houses, churches and other buildings. The new part of the Castiglione lies at some distance from the old districts, and the historic city centre with its medieval buildings are well preserved. A curious feature of this place is inside the city walls there are three gates, and inside the city is three square and three churches.

Castiglione del Lago lies on the once enormous importance of the road between the towns of Orvieto, Chiusi and Arezzo. This highly successful strategic position, however, did not bring nothing except constant attacks and destruction: first we fought each other, the Etruscans and Romans, then Tuscans and Perugia. Initial strengthening has repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Perhaps, only during the reign of Emperor Frederick II in the early 13th century was relatively peaceful in the city's history. Then Castiglione was at the mercy of Perugia and became a feudal possession of the powerful Baglioni family. In 1550 Pope Julius III bequeathed it to his sister, and in 1563 the papal nephew Ascanio della Corgna became the Marquis of Castiglione and Chiusi. In 1617 the former fief became a prosperous Duchy, which, however, have long existed. After the death of Duke Fulvio Alessandro, who did not leave heirs, Castiglione was again in the power of the papacy.

Today this small town attracts the attention of tourists coming to the shores of lake Trasimeno. Among its main attractions is called the Castello del Leone - the Lion's fortress, built by Emperor Frederick II. Structure having a pentagonal shape with a triangular Bastion, was completed in 1247. On the four corners of the castle was a square tower. The entire building was designed in such a way that its inhabitants had strategic control over the lake.

The Palazzo Comunale, which now houses the city Museum and art gallery, was built at the initiative of Ascanio della Corgna in the Renaissance style. Worked on the project, the architect Vignola. The floors of the Palace are decorated with beautiful frescoes by the painter from Pescara Giovanni Pandolfi and the Florentine Salvio Savini. In 1574 Niccolo Circignani painted the walls and ceiling of one of the most interesting rooms of the Palazzo, the so - called Room of the Exploits of the Marquis Ascanio.

Another structure worth visiting is the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena with elaborate moldings. It has a neo-classical pronaos and, inside, mural work, Eusebio da San Giorgio 1580.

Every year in late April - early may in Castiglione del Lago is a colorful festival "Coloriamo and Cieli" - "Decorate the sky" during which the city can see the huge balloons, thousands of colorful kites and the air aviation (in 2007 there were about 2 thousand!).