/ / The catacombs of Torre Pinta: photos, description (del Hypogeum of Torre Pinta)

The catacombs of Torre Pinta: photos, description (del Hypogeum of Torre Pinta)

On the territory of the Salento Peninsula - the "Italian heel" - has survived countless towers, dovecotes, built around the coast in ancient times. A few kilometers South of Otranto, in Valle delle Memorie, on a high hill stands a round tower of Torre Pinta, which dominates the surrounding area. This is one of the most characteristic samples of pigeon lofts, built by the Christians in the form of a Latin cross. Three short "wing" of the cross is oriented strictly to the West, South and East, and dark gallery, correlate with a long "wing" facing North. In all the niches and on low ceilings and wide corridor there are deep traces of pigeon's claws. And if you pay for Torre Pinta more attention, it is possible to see some features related to ancient messapico culture - for example, the furnace used for cremation, hundreds of hollows, which were kept in urns with the ashes of the dead, or a stone step along the wall, where, according to legend, left for dead. Today it is believed that messapi built Torre Pinta.

Discovered this tower was in August 1976, the first year Milan-based architect Antonio, Suzini, who was adamant that numerous small cubicles, and found inside, was used for keeping pigeons. Moreover, the strategic location allows to assume that they could stop the pigeons who "served" of the Bourbon troops, stationed a garrison in Otranto. The oldest part of Torre Pinta - actually, the round tower, dates from the middle ages.