/ / Cathedral: photos, description Chiesa Madre di Marsala)

Cathedral: photos, description Chiesa Madre di Marsala)

The Cathedral was built in Rome in the days of the Norman domination in Sicily. It was probably built on the site of an early Christian Basilica in the practice of the Normans, it was decided to build temples on the foundations of preexisting sacred places. Built in the late 12th century, the Cathedral was consecrated in honor of St. Thomas Becket, who was a symbol of freedom and human dignity, and devotion to Christ and his Church. Despite the close friendship with king Henry II, Becket opposed his decision to judge the priests of the secular court. For that in 1170 he was murdered, and in 1173 canonized by Pope Alexander III.

Thanks to private donations and the cooperation of the ordinary citizens of Rome, the Church became the center of Christianity and art. The Cathedral building has undergone multiple changes, including remodeling and significant restoration. In the mid 19th century was built a massive dome, and in 1915 Michele Polizzi built a large organ, which is placed under the painting of 1656 with a picture of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket (the author of the painting - Leonardo Milazzo). A little later there, in a side chapel, there was a marble altar, the work of Michele Giacolone. Attract attention with the statues of the saints Vincenzo Ferreri and Thomas, attributed to Antonello Gagini, and a magnificent wooden choir with eight chairs with high backs on each side.

The marble baptismal font of the 17th century, surmounted by an octagonal wooden casket, and nearby hangs a canvas by an unknown artist depicting the Baptism of Christ. The chapel is dedicated to St. Christopher, the patron Saint of travelers, and care about her peasants and workers, who clean the Church. And in the chapel of St. Rosalia has a statue so-called of the blessed virgin of the Cave. It should also pay attention to the altar, made in the 18th century in late Baroque style and set in the chapel of the Crucifixion of Christ, it is covered with precious Sicilian marble and contains a wooden crucifix of the 16th century. Among other important works of art of the Cathedral is the statue of the Madonna della Mazza beginning of the 16th century, the sarcophagus of the family of Liotta, plaques with images of saints. and Olivia, Archangel Gabriel and John the Baptist, the statue of the virgin Mary in 1593 in the chapel of the blessed virgin from Portosalvo.

In the early 20th century after a long period of reconstruction work was completed over the arches of the dome and the chapels adjacent to the main altar, and was renovated floors and a marble altar of the presbytery. The dome itself is raised to a higher level.