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Cathedral: photos, description (Taormina Cattedrale)

Cathedral of Taormina, like a fortress, was built in the 15th century on the ruins of a small medieval Church. The Cathedral, dedicated to St. Nicholas, has a traditional Latin cross plan, Central nave and two side aisles, in which are six small altars. NEF support six monolithic columns, three on each side, made of pink marble of Taormina. The capitals of the columns are decorated with ornamentation in the form of feathers and scales. Wooden beams on the ceiling of the nave are supported by carved cornice depicting Arabic scenes, but done in the Gothic style. Very remarkable is the main portal of the Cathedral was rebuilt in 1636 and is highlighted by a large round window-outlet in the Renaissance style.

One of the main attractions of the Duomo is the so-called Byzantine Madonna, also known as "miraculous". This icon was accidentally discovered inside the ancient walls - probably it was placed there to hide from the numerous foreign invaders who ravaged Taormina during the Arab domination in Sicily. Although Church leaders claim that it there was walled up by the angels - that's why it's called "miraculous". The icon is a picture, painted in oil on a thin plate and decorated with silver and semiprecious stones. Undoubtedly made in the Byzantine era, it was dedicated to the virgin Mary.

On the square in front of the Cathedral on three concentric levels is a beautiful Baroque fountain built in 1635 from the local marble. On each of the four sides of the fountain you can see a small column supporting the bowl; above them rise the mythical pony, and the water pouring from their mouths, fills the fountain. Located on the Eastern side of the fourth bowl, the biggest of all, but not currently used, since it served as a watering hole for animals. In the center of the fountain you can see a small octagonal bowl with four putti sculptural depiction of cupids, and three sea lions. Also in the composition of the fountain you can see the fruit basket, on which stands the emblem of Taormina - he usually depicts a centaur-man, but in this case it's a centaur woman.