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Cathedral of Arezzo: photo description (Cattedrale di Arezzo)

Cathedral of Arezzo, the Church in Arezzo bearing the name of Saint Donat and Peter. The Cathedral stands on the site of an early Christian Church and perhaps even more ancient city of Acropolis. From the 3rd century until 1986, the year the Cathedral was the main patrimony of the Bishop of Arezzo, and then became the Department of episcopa Arezzo, Cortona and Sansepolcro.

The first Cathedral was built on the hill of Colle Piante on the burial place of Donatus of Arezzo, martyred in 363, the year. In 1203, the year on the orders of Pope innocent III, the Cathedral was moved to the line of the city walls where he is today. However, the relics of St. Donatus was moved to a Church in his name in the small town of Castiglione Messer Raimondo province of Teramo. Despite this, the Arezzo Cathedral still bears the name of San Donato and stores, at the throne, the arch of the 14th century, named in his honor.

The construction of the present building of the Cathedral was begun in 1278, the year, and after passing through several stages and was completed only in 1511, the year. The façade was redone in the early 20th century by the architect Dante Viviani and has replaced the previous, unfinished, which dates back to the century of 15th. Now it is decorated with sculptures by Giuseppe Cassioli, Enrico Quattrini and the Viviani.

The right side of the Church is preserved from the original medieval buildings - it is made of Sandstone. In the mid-14th century was made the portal in the Florentine style with two porphyry columns, brought from ancient temple. Polygonal apse with arched double Windows dates from the 13th century.

Inside the Cathedral consists of a Central nave and two side aisles divided by columns with pointed arches, a transept is missing. Seven colored stained glass Windows in the right side-chapel was made in 1516-24-m years Guillaume de Marcillat, the remaining stained glass are in the presbytery. There you can admire the huge Gothic arch San Donato - carved from marble, it consists of 12 small columns, ending with the spires and pinnacles. The arch was made in the 14th century craftsmen from Florence, Arezzo and Siena. Also noteworthy are the wooden choir in the Big chapel, designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1554, the year. From other works of art adorn the Cathedral, it is worth noting bareley Donatello, statues of Andrea della Robbia, the Cenotaph of Guido Tarlati invented by Giotto and a painting by Piero della Francesca "Mary Magdalene".