/ / Cathedral of Verona: photo description (Duomo di Verona)

Cathedral of Verona: photo description (Duomo di Verona)

Verona Cathedral is one of the main churches of the city, the location of bishoprics. The construction of the Romanesque Cathedral began in the second half of the 12th century - it was erected on the site of two pre-Christian churches, destroyed during the earthquake of 1117. Already in 1187, the new Cathedral was consecrated. In the 15th century added a few additions and expanded, giving the building a Gothic character. Of the original appearance is preserved only the entrance portal with a portico, decorated with winged griffins, trainee architect Nicolo. By the way, is the same architect was the author of the entrance portal of the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, dedicated to the patron Saint of Verona, St. Zeno, and Ferrara Cathedral.

Above the entrance to the Cathedral you can see a relief image of the blessed virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. In addition, the portal decorated with scenes from the old Testament and figures of two knights from the medieval epic of Roland and Olivier. Here is the image of the ten prophets, the four symbols of the evangelists and the hand of the Lord. The Gothic Windows of the facade are a reminder of the restoration of the Cathedral in the 14th century. And the elements of the Baroque style in the upper part of the façade was added in the 17th century. The bell tower, the construction of which began Michele Sanmicheli in the 16th century, remained unfinished - it is remarkable by columns with richly decorated capitals, bas-reliefs and frescoes of the 14th century.

The interior of the Cathedral is made in Gothic style - columns of red marble, pointed arches, vaults with gold stars on a blue background. On the decoration of the side altars and chapels in the 16th century works by Giovanni Falconetto. Here you can see real works of art: "the entombment" Nikolo Golfino, "the assumption" by Titian and "the adoration of the Magi" Liberale da Verona.

Near the Cathedral is the cloister, which is also made in the Romanesque style. It is framed by a two-level covered arcade of red marble. Here you can get to the library of the Chapter - Church manuscript library, and Battistero di San Giovanni in Fonte, built in 1123. In the baptistery frescoes and paintings of the 13th to 15th centuries, and in the Central nave stands the font, carved from a single block of marble in the 12th century.