/ / Cathedral of Vigevano: photo description (Cattedrale di Sant’ Ambrogio)

Cathedral of Vigevano: photo description (Cattedrale di Sant’ Ambrogio)

The Cathedral of Sant Ambrogio - the main Roman Catholic Church of the small town of Vigevano in the province of Pavia in Lombardy. It is located in Piazza Ducale and is the chair of the local Bishop. The current Cathedral building dates from the 16th century, and its Western façade was completed in the 1670-ies.

It is known that earlier the Cathedral stood another building, the first mention of which belong to the 963-th year. And in 1532, the year by order of Duke Francesco II Sforza began construction on a new Church, dedicated to St. Ambrose. The project author was the architect Antonio da Lonate. The construction work was long, and the Cathedral was consecrated only dostroen and in 1612, the year.

At the end of the 17th century for the reconstruction of the West facade of the Cathedral was hired by the Spanish cardinal Juan Caramuel and Lobkowicz, who successfully "fit" in a historic building in the architectural appearance of the Piazza Ducale. Inside the Cathedral is built in the shape of a Latin cross with Central nave and two side aisles. The interior is decorated with works of Macrino d'alba and Bernardino Ferrari and a polyptych in the tempera technique of the school of Leonardo da Vinci.

Today in the Cathedral of Sant Ambrogio is a small Museum, "Tesoro del Duomo Vigevano", which exhibits more than one hundred exhibits donated by Francesco II Sforza in 1534, the year, as well as other artifacts. In the collection of the Museum - several Dutch tapestries of the 16th century, designed in the late Gothic style, paterica ivory, silver jewelry ark of the Lombard school, different missile (Church books), codes and manuscripts of the late 15th century, cups, glasses, tabernacles, etc., Hotel and noteworthy gold-embroidered tapestry of the 16th century, who in 1805, the year used during the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in Monza.