/ / Cathedral of Casertavecchia: photos, description Duomo di Casertavecchia)

Cathedral of Casertavecchia: photos, description Duomo di Casertavecchia)

Cathedral of Casertavecchia was built in the 12th century, as evidenced by the inscription on the architrave. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful and important religious building of the Airport.

The building is a mixture of Romanesque-Apulian and the Arab-Sicilian style, with elements of Benedictine architecture. The facade of the Church calls to mind the beautiful Apulian churches, and its wonderful bell tower with bright colors similar to the Arab-Sicilian Cathedral of Amalfi. The facade is very simple - three large arched portal with a tympanum. A motif of tiny overlapping arches repeated in standing next to the bell tower of the 13th century. The South facade is decorated with marble diamonds and opposite ovals. Between 1206 and 1216 years was built a three-span transept, and a century later - Tiberium.

Inside the Cathedral consists of three naves, which are separated from each other by 18 antique columns with semicircular arches and a semicircular apse with a pulpit. In the 17th century the chair has been remade using original fragments of the ambo of the 13th century. Here you can see two tombstones of the 14th century and beautiful frescoes, which are attributed to Bernardo Cavallino. There is a tombstone in the tower - it is believed to be the grave of Theodore Mommsen. On the Baroque marble altar of the Cathedral is the canvas of the 18th century depicting the Madonna del Rosario with saints and a wooden crucifix of the second half of the 16th century. To the right of the Cathedral stands the Church of Annunziata, a small and graceful Gothic building of the end of the 13th century.