/ / The Cathedral of Cagliari: photo description (Cattedrale di Cagliari)

The Cathedral of Cagliari: photo description (Cattedrale di Cagliari)

Cagliari Cathedral is the main Roman Catholic Church of the capital of Sardinia. It was built in the 13th century in the Pisan-Romanesque style in 1258, the year received the status of Cathedral. In the 17th and 18th centuries the building was rebuilt in the Baroque style, and in the 1930-ies it acquired its present facade in the Romanesque style similar to the facade of the Cathedral of Pisa.

The Church was built by pisacane in the town of Castel di Castro. It had a square shape with a Central nave and two side aisles with cross vaults. In 1258, the year pisanty destroyed the capital Giudicato di Cagliari, Santa Ijiu, and its Cathedral, and the new Church became the chair of the Bishop of Cagliari.

In the 14th century was built the transept which gave the Cathedral the shape of a Latin cross, and two side entrances. On the facade there are Gothic arched Windows and the bell tower was rebuilt. To the same period belongs the construction of the first chapel in the transept in the style of Italian Gothic. The transept was finished after the conquest of Cagliari by the Aragonese dynasty, when there were built two chapels.

In 1618, the year for the construction of the sanctuary in the crypt, which was supposed to be the relics of certain martyrs were elevated chancel of the Cathedral. And 1669-1704-m years the Church interior was redone in the Baroque style. Then over the transept dome was erected, and its Gothic chapel, on the contrary, was demolished. The old facade of the Church in the early 20th century were demolished and in its place built a new - Romanesque style.

Inside the main attraction of the Cathedral is the pulpit of the 12th century, the work of Maestro Guglielmo, originally intended for the Cathedral of Pisa. In Cagliari he was brought in 1312, the year and placed in the Central nave, third column. Four marble lions which supported the pulpit, today, are at the foot of the balustrade of the presbytery. Of other works of art worth noting, the Flemish triptych of the 15th century, a Baroque tombstone of Bernardo de La Cabra, Bishop of Cagliari, who died of the plague in 1655 year, the chapel of the 14th century and the mausoleum of the king of Aragon Martin I the Sicilian, built in 1676-80-m years. In the crypt of the Cathedral is the sanctuary of the martyrs Santuario dei Martiri, which is 179 niches containing the relics of local saints was found in the 17th century Basilica of San Saturnino. There you can see three chapels with Baroque decorations.