/ / Cathedral Caorle: photo, description Duomo di Caorle)

Cathedral Caorle: photo, description Duomo di Caorle)

The Cathedral of Caorle, bearing the name of San Stefano, is one of the main attractions of the resort. It was built in the first half of the 11th century in Romano-Byzantine style. The modest façade of the Cathedral is decorated with bas-reliefs with images of saints, and inside you can see the works of the Venetian school of the arts, including "the last supper" painted by Gregorio Lazzarini. Also pay attention to the fragments of frescoes of the 17th century in the Central apse and the Golden altar, the Pala d'oro, donated to the Church by Queen Caterina Cornaro. The altar consists of six panels, which depict scenes from the Bible, the Archangel Gabriel with the Virgin Mary, the prophets and Christ. Above the modern altar hangs the crucifix of the 15th century. The Cathedral consists of a Central nave and two side aisles, separated from each other by rows of columns that support semicircular arches.

The highlight of the Cathedral is its bell tower, also built in the 11th century. It rises to the sky to a height of 48 meters and is a typical example of Romanesque architecture. A unique feature of the bell tower is its conical spire, almost unique in the world.

In 1975-m to year in the Cathedral of San Stefano, at the initiative of Patriarch albino Luciani (future Pope John Paul I opened a small liturgical Museum, which exhibits the priestly vestments, altar cloths, vessels of local bishops, etc. of the Museum's Priceless heirloom is a vintage silver cross and the iconostasis in the 12-13th centuries, consisting of six icons of the apostles. Here is kept the reliquary with the skull of St. Stephen, patron of Caorle, and a reliquary with a piece of land, which according to legend fell some drops of blood from the body of the crucified Christ.