/ / Modena Cathedral: a photo, a description (Duomo di Modena)

Modena Cathedral: a photo, a description (Duomo di Modena)

Modena Cathedral - the main Church of the city, consecrated in 1184, the year and a UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. It is also one of the most important in Europe of buildings in the Romanesque style.

Starting from the 5th century on the site of the present Cathedral stood two churches, but the discovery here of the place of burial of St. Geminiano, the patron Saint of Modena, led to the fact that both churches were destroyed. Namesti 1099-moduleclassadvertisement. The original construction of the Cathedral was led by the architect known as Lanfranco. After him, over the construction of the temple worked Anselmo da Campione and his disciples.

In the current appearance of the facade of the Cathedral you can see the features of different architectural styles. A great rose-window was placed here in the 13th century, and two lions supporting columns at the entrance, probably Dating back to the era of Ancient Rome - most likely, they have been found during the construction of the Foundation. Also the facade of the Cathedral is notable for the bas-reliefs of the city of the patriarchs and prophets of the work of Guglielmo da Modena. There are biblical scenes - a real masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture. You should pay attention to the side gates of the Cathedral: in the Piazza Grande go Porta Reggia and Porta dei Principi, decorated with bas-reliefs, and on the North side is the Porta della Pescheria with bas-reliefs depicting the knights of King Arthur.

Inside the Cathedral is richly decorated with various works of art. Between the Central nave and the crypt to see the marble parapet depicting the "Passion of Christ" and "the last supper". The pulpit, decorated with terracotta sculptures from the work of Arrigo da Campione. A perfectly preserved wooden crucifix of the 14th century. And in the crypt of the Cathedral and now exhibited the remains of St. Geminiano Modena. By the way, the Cathedral hosted the funeral of tenor Luciano Pavarotti, born in Modena.

Near the Cathedral rises the bell tower Torre della Ghirlandina is one of the main symbols of Modena, visible from any point of the city. The height of the tower, built in the 12th century - a little more than 86 meters. Initially, the bell tower, called Torre di San Geminiano, was a five-story. Later, in order to compete with the towers of Bologna, the tower was fastened, octagonal protrusions. The top of the tower is decorated with a marble railing, which gave it a name ("girlande" in Italian). From 2007 to 2011 years Torre della Ghirlandina was under restoration.