/ / Cathedral of Parma: photo, description Duomo di Parma)

Cathedral of Parma: photo, description Duomo di Parma)

Duomo di Parma, Cathedral of Parma, one of the most beautiful Romanesque Cathedral in Italy. Its dome is decorated with frescoes of the Renaissance artist Antonio da Correggio.

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1059, the year on the initiative of Bishop Kadala, the future Pope Honorius II, and was completed in the early 12th century. Probably still in the 6th century on the site there was a Basilica, which was later abandoned. Another Church was built on the site of the present Cathedral in the 9th century. The new Cathedral was seriously damaged during the devastating earthquake of 1117, the year, and had to be rebuild almost from scratch. From the original building are preserved only fragments in the presbytery, the transept, choir and apse, as well as several sculptures. Facade of the Cathedral was rebuilt in 1178, the year: it has three loggias and three portals, decorated with sculpture by Luchino Bianchino in 1494, the year. Between the Central and the right doors is the tomb of the mathematician Biagio Pelacani, who died in 1416, the year. Later, at the end of the 13th century, the Cathedral was built Gothic bell tower.

Behind the Cathedral stands the baptistery, a separate attraction of Parma. Architecturally, it represents the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic style and is one of the most important medieval monuments of Europe. Above the baptistery of Benedetto worked with Antel. On the outside it has the shape of an octagon and is covered with pink Verona marble. Inside consists of 16 arches forming the alcove and is decorated with paintings and frescoes. But the most prominent part of it is the amazing beauty of the dome.

Inside the Cathedral has a Latin cross with Central nave and side aisles divided by columns. In the crypt the fragments of ancient mosaics, with traces of a pagan temple 3-4th centuries. The chapel of the Cathedral was built specifically as the family vaults of some of the noble families of Parma. Two of them - Valerie Cappella and Cappella Comune - preserved original decorations of the 14th century. In addition to the Cathedral you can see the cycle of frescoes, Lattanzio Gambar, Bernardino Gatti and other artists. And in the crypt of the monument to Saint Bernardino di Uberti, Bishop of Parma the 12th century. Also pay attention to the two marble lions, carved in 1281, the year of Giambono da Bissone.