/ / The Cathedral of Reggio di Calabria: photo, description Duomo di Reggio Calabria)

The Cathedral of Reggio di Calabria: photo, description Duomo di Reggio Calabria)

The Cathedral of Reggio di Calabria, with 94 meters long, 22 meters wide and 21 meters in height, is the largest religious building in Calabria. Throughout its history, the Cathedral has undergone several significant changes since it was originally built in the shape of a Latin cross, then, in the years of Norman domination, was rebuilt in Greco-Byzantine Church, and finally, again in Latin. It should be added several reconstructions after major earthquakes, wars and raids and the last reconstruction after the earthquake of 1908. At the initiative of the Bishop Rinaldo Camillo, Russe reconstruction began in July of 1917 year and lasted until 1928. In the same year, the restored Cathedral was re-consecrated in honor of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. And finally the construction work was completed in 1929, the year with the commissioning of the bell tower. In 1978, the year the Cathedral received the status of a minor Basilica.

In front of the Cathedral is a square, which leads to a flight of stairs with a length of 10 meters with statues of Saints Peter and Paul on the left and St. Stephen on the right. The main facade is divided into three parts, and its main attraction are the three bronze portal. The interior of the Cathedral particularly remarkable are the stained glass Windows, through which the Church is well lit. Three chapels are separated from each other by three rows of marble columns. Chancel, connected with the main room of the Cathedral a large flight of stairs, ends with a polygonal apse. Here you can see the wooden choir 1926, the year and the wooden crucifix dated 17-19-th centuries. Also inside the Cathedral contains sarcophagi of some local bishops in the 5-6-th centuries. From the works of art that adorn the Church, it is necessary to highlight the Department and the locket, Francesco Gerace, a throne, two pulpit and two fonts Concesso Barca, a marble altar with a bronze bas-reliefs by Antonio Berti and a number of paintings of the 19th century. Not less valuable ornaments adorning the walls, the transept vaults and apse of the Cathedral.