/ / The Cathedral of San Lorenzo: photo description (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo)

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo: photo description (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo)

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, dedicated to Saint Lawrence, is the main Roman Catholic Church of Grosseto. Its construction was begun in the late 13th century by the architect from Siena, Sozzo di Rustichini in the place of another Church, Santa Maria Assunta. The Church was completed only in the 15th century because of the continuous clashes between Grosseto and Siena.

The facade of San Lorenzo is made of white and red marble in the Romanesque style, however, this is not the original appearance of the Church, and the result of several reconstructions carried out in the 16th century and 1816-1855 th years, when the Church acquired features of Renaissance and Baroque. Fortunately, the building was partially preserved decorative elements of the original structure, including the symbols of the evangelists. The facade faces East and has three portal. On top of the visible loggia with arches and interfloor cornice. The Central part of the facade, topped by a tympanum, is notable for a large window-rosette and Gothic sculptures. In the 16th century on top was equipped with two small lantern and two small obelisk on the tympanum.

South side of the Church facing the Piazza Dante, has two Gothic Windows. Scenery side of the portal, Windows and the statue of St. Lawrence is the creation of the workshop of Agostino di Giovanni. The upper part of the portal with a bas-relief with the image of the virgin Mary in the lunette, and two statues were made in 1897, the year the sculptor Leopoldo Maccari. And in 1983, the year the artist Arnaldo Mazzanti painted upper belt cornice with frescoes.

Inside the temple is made in the form of a Latin cross with a transept and apse. The Central nave and side aisles separated from each other with cross-shaped pilasters. Among the main attractions San Lorenzo is worth noting the striking font 1470-74-second period, decorated with exquisite carvings, and a painting by Matteo di Giovanni "Madonna delle Grazie" 1470-year.

The bell tower of the Church standing to her left, was built in 1402, the year was renovated in the early 20th century. And to the right of the Cathedral you can see the Roman column with a Corinthian capital, on which in the Middle ages hung ads.