/ / The Cathedral of San Martino: photo, description Duomo di San Martino)

The Cathedral of San Martino: photo, description Duomo di San Martino)

The Cathedral of San Martino is the main Church of Lucca, whose construction began in 1063, the year on the initiative of Bishop Anselm, later Pope Alexander II. From the original building are preserved only the huge apse with tall arches and graceful bell tower. The nave and transepts of the Cathedral was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 14th century. Separately, is true of the West facade, with a wonderful tregaron portico and three ranges of open galleries adorned with sculptures, its creation began in 1204, the year by order of Guido Bigarelli from Como.

In the Central nave of the Cathedral, a small octagonal chapel houses the most precious relic of Lucca Connector Santo di Lucca, or Sacred Countenance. Relic is a wooden crucifix and image of Christ, which, according to legend, was made by his contemporary Nicodemus, and miraculously came to Lucca in 782, the year. Christ is dressed in Calabi - long undershirt without sleeves. The chapel was built in 1484-year project Matteo Civitali, the most famous of Lucca sculptor of the early Renaissance.

In the Cathedral of San Martino also houses the tomb of Ilaria carretto work of Jacopo della Quercia, made by order of her husband, ruler of Lucca, Paolo Guinigi, in 1406, the year. In addition to the Cathedral you can see the work of Domenico Ghirlandaio, Jacopo Tintoretto, and fra Bartolomeo.

There is a legend which explains why all the columns on the facade of the San Martino different. According to her, when the Cathedral was going to decorate, the inhabitants of Lucca announced a contest for the best column. Each master tried to fame, and it was decided to take all of creation.

Another mysterious attraction is the Cathedral of San Martino is a labyrinth carved on the right pillar of the portico dated to the late 12th - early 13th centuries. It is believed that this labyrinth was the predecessor of the famous labyrinth of Chartres, which, in fact, gone standard for the creation of all mazes. The Latin inscription near reminiscent of pagan mythology: "the labyrinth was built by Daedalus on Crete. All who fell into it, was lost forever. And only Theseus escaped thanks to Ariadne's thread".