/ / The Cathedral of San Nicolo: photo, description Duomo di San Nicolo)

The Cathedral of San Nicolo: photo, description Duomo di San Nicolo)

The Cathedral of San Nicolo - the main Church of the Spa town of Pietra Ligure. It is believed that it is also one of the most beautiful churches in the whole Ligurian Riviera.

The Cathedral, standing on elegant square, surrounded by trees and lawns with benches. From the Church yard, remarkable mosaics, built of sea pebbles, through a large gate to get inside the temple. Above the three doors with bronze panels display three statues depicting saints Nicholas, Peter and Paul.

The interior of the Cathedral is visible from entirely, because it is built as a single space - long, broad and high space under a gambrel hipped roof, which depicts the Heavens. In every corner of the Cathedral in a side aisle and at the altar, in the chapels and in the atrium - you can see a lot of figures, symbols and various decorations. In General, the interior evokes a feeling of harmony and elegance, from whatever point was not made inspection of the temple. You should pay attention to the fact that all the paintings in the Cathedral is not tempera, and fresco, whose colors perfectly preserved. Scenic murals were made by the Genoese artist Luigi Sacco, who began work on them in 1867, the year. In the chancel there are eight frescoes in the nave and chapels - 33. One of them is the one which depicts the Heavens on the dome of the Cathedral, has an area of 190 sq. m. and consists of 33 characters.

The Cathedral of San Nicolo was consecrated in 1791, the year, repeated the ceremony took place a century later, in 1891 year, with the participation of Bishop Filippo Allegro and Monsignor Reggio Tommaso from Ventimiglia and Giuseppe Marello of Acqui.

The most important relics kept in the Cathedral, are Santa Croce, the "manna" of St. Nicholas and the relics of certain martyrs brought from the island of Sardinia in 1662, the year. Urns with the relics of the 12 martyrs was originally only six. In 1762, the year the Cathedral was given another, but still the vessels could not hold all the Holy remains, so part of them were placed at the base of the apse, under the image of St. Nicholas.