/ / Cathedral of San Cetteo: photos, description (Cattedrale di San Cetteo Vescovo e Martire)

Cathedral of San Cetteo: photos, description (Cattedrale di San Cetteo Vescovo e Martire)

Cathedral of San Cetteo is the main Church of Naples, located in via D'annunzio. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Holy great Martyr, Cetteo, patron of the city and its Bishop. From 1982, the year he is chair of the diocese of Pescara-Penne. The current building of the Cathedral in neo-Romanesque style, originally called the Church of Reconciliation was built in the 1930-ies on the site of a medieval Church San Cetteo.

The construction of the new Cathedral occurred during the construction boom caused by the creation in 1927, the year the United Pescara province. By the time the medieval Church of San Cetteo fell into disrepair, and it was decided to demolish it. Preserved only some fragments of the building. For the construction of a new Cathedral actively supported Gabriele d'annunzio, born in Pescara and one of the most outstanding poets of Italy. He was baptized in the old Church. He also generously sponsored the construction of a new, because he wanted to rest his mother. Construction work, which lasted from 1933 to 1938, the years, headed by the architect Cesare Bazzani. Facade of the Cathedral was rebuilt after the Second Mirovaya.

Initially the Church was called the Church of Reconciliation Tempio della Conciliazione, which has traditionally been associated with prisoners in 1929, the year of the Lateran agreements between the fascist government of Italy and the Vatican. And in 1949, the year the Church declared a Cathedral.

Despite the fact that the Cathedral itself is modern, it clearly shows the influence of the architectural traditions of Abruzzo, especially in Romanesque style. Part of it also repeats the image of the Church of Santa Gerusalemme 11th century. Typical is simply a rectangular facade, with round window-outlet, - this was the choice of the architect and D'annunzio. The portals with round arches reflect an internal division of the Church into three chapels. On the North side of the Cathedral is the bell tower, consisting of an octagonal upper floor, resting on a square base. And on the South side built a small baptistery.

Inside the Cathedral, as already mentioned above, consists of three aisles, separated from each other by arcades with marble columns. The choruses end in the apse. In one of the chapels of the Cathedral is the chapel of San Cetteo and the other the grave of the mother of D'annunzio, Luisa de Benedictis, for which the sculptor Arrigo Minerbi created a tombstone in the form of an arch with the reclining figure of a young woman. The interior of the Cathedral is decorated with various icons and images of saints of the 17th century. Special attention deserves the organ, considered one of the best in Abruzzo.