/ / The Cathedral of Turin: photo description (Duomo di Torino)

The Cathedral of Turin: photo description (Duomo di Torino)

Turin Cathedral is the main Catholic Church of the city and dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The Cathedral was built in 1491-1498 years near the bell tower, erected in 1470. In 1668-1694 years, the Cathedral was built a chapel, which today holds one of the main shrines of Christendom - the shroud of Turin.

The building of the Cathedral stands on the spot where, in the ancient Turin was the theatre. The first Church built here was dedicated to Christ the Savior, Santa Maria de Domino and John the Baptist. According to some sources, the consecration of the Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was held by Lombard king Agilulf between 591 and 613. In this Church in the year 662, he was killed garibaldo, Duke of Turin.

Between 1490 and 1492 all three churches were demolished and in its place began the construction of the Cathedral, which was led by Amedeo de Francisco di Settignano, also known as MEO del Caprino. He, however, decided not to demolish the tower that was built earlier, it has survived to the present day. In the 17th century the Cathedral had a hand in the great Filippo Juvarra.

In 1649 Bernardino Quadri arrived from Rome, has developed a project to expand the Cathedral to create a suitable storage space of the shroud of Turin. His project was based on earlier sketches of the architect Carlo di Castellamonte, with an oval chapel behind the choir. And in 1667 to complete the project was caused by Guarino Guarini. The dome, the construction of which was delayed for 28 years, was completed in 1694.

He was buried in the Cathedral of the blessed Pierre Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925), Turin native, benefactor of the poor, called "saints of the third Millennium". He was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1990.

We should also mention the chapel in which the shroud of Turin, Capella della Sacra Sindone. This chapel, built in the Baroque style beyond the immediate of the Cathedral and connected with the Royal Palace of Turin. It was built specifically for the storage of the shroud of Turin is a religious relic, the shroud, which was probably buried Jesus Christ.