/ / Cathedral of Urbino: photo description (Duomo di Urbino)

Cathedral of Urbino: photo description (Duomo di Urbino)

Urbino Duomo, dedicated to the Dormition of the blessed virgin Mary, was built in 1062, the year on the initiative of the local Bishop Beato, Minardo. In the 15th century it was substantially rebuilt, and its present neo-classical look, designed by the architect of Marija, the Cathedral gained only at the end of the 18th century after most of the building was destroyed during the earthquake. Marija created spectacular facade of the Cathedral. In those same years was built the bell tower. Around the Cathedral you can see seven statues of saints, among which stands out the statue of the Saint, Crescentino, the patron Saint of Urbino whose feast is celebrated on 1 June.

The interior of the main city Church is made in a classic style is the work of architect Giuseppe Valadier, who worked here between 1789 and 1801-m. The three-aisled interior of the Cathedral looks solemn, elegant and majestic. In the Central nave is the altar, made of Camillo Rusconi. The dome is decorated with images of the four Evangelists, done by different artists, and at the high altar you can see the big picture of Unterberger "the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary". Among other works of art that adorn the Church, you see "the Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian" Federico Barocci and "the Annunciation" Raffaello Motta.

In the past century the Cathedral had a different shape, and over its design and decorations are designed by different artists and sculptors. In the 15th century during the rule of Duke Federico III da Montefeltro on the project of a religious building worked famous architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. The embodiment of his ideas lasted until 1604, the year when the project Mozio oddie was built the dome. In 1781, the year in Urbino was a strong earthquake, which were severely damaged the dome of the Cathedral and its unfinished facade. And in 1789, the year that reconstruction of the building was delayed, the dome finally collapsed. Only after this, work began on the reconstruction of the Cathedral, and it acquired its present appearance.