/ / Cathedral of Foligno: photo, description Duomo di Foligno)

Cathedral of Foligno: photo, description Duomo di Foligno)

Cathedral of Foligno is a Church located in the small town of Foligno in Umbria in the square Piazza della Repubblica. The Cathedral, built on the site of pre-existing Basilica dedicated to the patron Saint of the city St. Feliciano, who was buried here in 251 year. Today, this Romanesque style Church is a diocese of the Bishop of Foligno.

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1133, the year when Bishop and Marco, despite the fact that it was completed only 70 years later, the consecration took place in 1149. The Church has two facades: the main one facing Piazza Grande, and the second overlooks the Piazza della Repubblica. The North transept and the second facade was finished in 1204, and the southern transept only in 1513. In our time, in the early 20th century were carried out restoration works of the main facade, in which the tympanum mosaic was placed, made in the workshops of the Vatican. Round window-the rosette is embellished with Evangelical symbols, and on both sides of the bronze doors you can see the figures of stone lions.

He was then partially restored and second facade - it is also adorned with three Windows-sockets, which are considered among the most beautiful in Umbria, and arches. Two stone figures of griffins were placed here to commemorate the victory of Foligno over Perugia. Carved wooden door is surrounded by five Romanesque arches, decorated with bas-reliefs depicting the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope innocent III. The Central arch are covered with symbols of the zodiac, stars, sun, moon, and attributes of the Four evangelists. The Gothic building to the left of the façade is the baptistery of the Cathedral. Steps next to it lead to the Palazzo delle Canon - the Palace of the Canons.

The interior of the Cathedral was several times reconstructed and restored. Its current appearance is executed in style of Neoclassicism - most likely, this is the work of architect Giuseppe Piermarini, who worked here in the second half of the 18th century. Of the original Romanesque Church is like a crypt. Among the most remarkable works of art inside the Cathedral, you can celebrate frescoed the chapel of the Holy sacrament by Antonio da Sangallo the younger, paintings 13-19 centuries on the side walls, a huge mural depicting nuns Angela da Foligno in the apse, the crucifixion, nicollo Alunno and gilded canopy over the main altar is an exact copy of the canopy of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

The elegant dome was added to the Cathedral in the mid-16th century. And the bell tower was partially restored in 1847. Inside it is decorated with frescoes of the 15th century the cell where the blessed Pietro Crisci.