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Quartiere Castello: photo description (Il Castello)

The quarter of Castello in Cagliari historical district, full of monuments of culture and architecture and is extremely popular among tourists. Once on its territory was located a fortified castle, and today the block is still surrounded by strong walls with bastions. The entrance to the quarter gates are two medieval towers of white limestone, which by happy coincidence was demolished in the 19th century, Torre di San Pancrazio and Torre Dell'elefante.

Familiarity with the district of Castello is best to start from the Torre di San Pancrazio or Porta dei Leoni. Among the main attractions of the quarter - numerous old churches, such as the Cathedral or the Church of Purissima the 16th century, standing in via Lamarmora. In the lower part of Castello is situated the Church of Santa Maria del Sacro Monte di pietà, Santa Croce and San Giuseppe. Some churches were closed for restoration and are available for inspection only from the outside.

In the past, the Castello was the political, religious and administrative center of Cagliari. Here is a remarkable building - the former City Hall (near the Cathedral), Palazzo Vescovile and the Palace of the Viceroy. A little farther on is the Arsenal, today transformed into the Cittadella dei museums - the Museums of Grod, and further stands the Palazzo Belgrano, which today houses the University of Cagliari. Many private homes in this part of town has retained its historical appearance and aristocratic decoration.

In Castello is also located interesting museums. The above Cittadella dei Museums consists of four separate collections, to explore which, passing through the door - an exact copy of the Roman gate Porta del Popolo. One of the most important collections Cittadella is kept in the National archaeological Museum, which exhibits artifacts related to the different civilizations that inhabited Sardinia - pottery, statuettes of bronze, donelaytisa figurines, copper ingots, carvings, steles and wonderful jewelry Carthaginian period. At the National gallery collects contemporary works of art, sculptures, paintings, statues, etc. and the Siamese Museum, the Card has to offer tourists around 1300 items brought from Siam, Laos, Java, Malacca, Singapore and China, coins, ivories, silver jewellery, pottery, weapons. Finally, it is worth to visit the Anatomical wax Museum, which exhibits the 23 parts of the human body, made by the Florentine Clemente, Suzini. And one of the galleries of the Cittadella dei Museums are wonderful views of Cagliari.