/ / The Stampace quarter: picture, description (Stampace)

The Stampace quarter: picture, description (Stampace)

Stampace is one of the oldest districts in Cagliari, which until recently was home to numerous craft shops (carpentry, shoemaking, blacksmithing) and which today cherish the traditions of their ancestors. It's a simple block, devoid of monumental structures and disproportionate urban structures, but which can boast an abundance of ancient churches. For example, the Church of San Michele, once part of a larger religious complex, was built in the mid 17th century in Spanish Baroque style for the Jesuits.

The Church of Santa Anna was erected in the late 18th century. During the Second World war it was seriously damaged but was later recovered. The Church is made in Baroque style and the two sides framed the towers. It is decorated with columns and pilasters, and three domes of different shapes and sizes crowning the building. Inside is kept a wooden crucifix of the 14th century and the altar is of white marble. In the right wing of the transept noteworthy is the neoclassical altar of black marble - the work of Andrea Galassi (early 19th century). There you can see the marble statue of the virgin Mary with the Baby. In addition, the Church houses a wooden sculpture depicting saints Joachim and Anna with daughter Maria and the painting of Giovanni Marinetti with the image of Christ the Redeemer.

The Church of Santa Chiara is located close to Piazza Yenne. Together with the neighbouring monastery it was founded in the late 13 th - early 14-th century for the community of nuns-the poor Clares, who lived here until the end of the 19th century. In 1943, the year the building was seriously damaged during the bombing of the city, and the monastery had to be demolished - it remained only ruins. Next to them is the Church bell tower. The facade of Santa Chiara is notable portal with architectural beams, and inside you can admire the huge gilded wooden altarpiece. In the crypt of the Church you can see the Foundation of the middle Ages.

Another interesting Stampace Church Chiesa dei Santi. This small temple was built in the late 18th century on the site of a building of the 16th century, which in turn stood on the site of the Church of the 13th century. Chiesa dei Santi is one of the most important religious buildings in Cagliari, as connected with the cult of the most revered by the local inhabitants of the Holy Martyr Efisio. According to legend, on this spot, where today stands the Church, a Saint was captured and sent to the Burrow, where he was beheaded. The relics of Saint Efisio now stored in a niche in the massive altar of white marble. In the second chapel to the right you can see the statue of the 17th century, depicting the Saint.

Finally, in Stampace is to visit the Botanical garden with a huge collection of tropical plants and the Bastion of Santa Croce - the most spectacular of all.