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Quartu Sant'elena: photos, description (Quartu Sant'elena)

Quartu Sant'elena is a comune in the province of Cagliari in Sardinia. It is the third largest town of the island with a population of about 71 thousand people. The name of the city comes from its location relative to Cagliari - "a quart" means four miles, and also on behalf of Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine.

The first settlements on the territory of modern Quartu Sant'elena belong to the Phoenician period, as evidenced by the finds in the towns Cepola, Geremeas, is Nortorius and Separase. The Roman artifacts were discovered at the Villa Sant'andrea, the cemetery of San Martino in the town of Simbirizzi (there was found a few graves).

In the 4th century, the territory of Sardinia was divided into several "giudicati" - Quart, composed of 14 settlements, went to Giudicato di Cagliari. During the reign of the Aragonese dynasty, the population of Quartu suffered from various epidemics, starvation, and constant attacks of Saracen pirates, as well as the General state of decline experienced by the economy of the whole island. In 1793, the year off the coast of Quartu landed French troops, who had intended to conquer all of Sardinia, but the residents under the leadership of Antonio of Pisa, violently attacked the aliens and during the bloody battles threw them back. In 1956, the year Quartu Sant'elena received the city status.

From an artistic point of view in a Quart there are five interesting churches. The most important is the Church of Sant'elena Imperatrice, built in 1589, the year and later rebuilt in the neoclassical style. She recently received the status of Basilica. Also worth seeing the churches of Santa Maria Cepola, built in the 11th century, and Sant'agata. Have in interesting house-Museum "Sa Dom e Farr" - a large farm building 17th century, where you can see furniture typical of the peasant houses and implements. In the surroundings of Quartu well worth a visit to Nuraghe - the ancient mysterious civilization.

Long gentle coast of Quartu facing the natural Park of Molentargius, on the territory of which is inhabited by pink flamingos.