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Chiomonte: photos, description (Chiomonte)

Chiomonte is a municipality in the province of Turin in the territory of the Italian Val di Susa. This is perhaps the most important center of the valley, which is also the ski resort. Chiomonte along with several other villages of Piedmont is a Kingdom of skiing, a Paradise for all lovers of this sport! The town is well developed the infrastructure is, hotels, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

Despite the active development of tourism, Chiomonte retained the appearance of a historic town, which attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition to the dozens of kilometres of slopes and modern lifts, there are plenty of other sights - medieval city centre, art galleries and an interesting Archaeological Museum. The latter was opened in 2004 year and introduces visitors to the history of these places from the time of the late Neolithic (5th Millennium BC) until the 4th century BC Culture and daily life of the first inhabitants of this "land between mountains" is represented in the collections of the Museum with artifacts found in the vicinity of Chiomonte. Among the most ancient objects on display in the Museum are pottery, stone tools, fragments of houses and gravestones, which are about 6 thousand years! All these discoveries were made during archaeological excavations conducted in 1986-1992-m years. Special attention should be composed of sarcophagi of the necropolis and the tomb of women of the Celtic period. The Museum is adjacent to the archaeological site, giving a unique opportunity to see many artifacts at the place of their direct detection.