/ / The cemetery of Bonaria:, (Cimitero di Bonaria)

The cemetery of Bonaria:, (Cimitero di Bonaria)

The cemetery of Bonaria is located on the territory of the city of Cagliari in Sardinia at the foot of the hill of Bonaria. The main entrance is located in Piazza Cimitero, and the second entrance is from the Basilica of Santa Maria di Bonaria. Here are buried several prominent personalities, including the archaeologist Giovanni Spano, the tenor Piero Schiavazzi and General Carlo Sanna.

The cemetery is located on the site of the necropolis, which was used by the Carthaginians and by the Romans and then early Christians Cagliari. Some ancient tombs were carved into the rock. They found artifacts are now kept in the Museum of Bonaria.

The modern cemetery was arranged in 1828, the year the project of the engineer Luigi Damiano and was used until 1968. Once at the entrance to the cemetery was a Church of the 12th century Santa maría de Port Gratis, also known as San Bardiglio, but in 1929 it was demolished. From 1968, the year of burial in the cemetery is permitted only in private tombs and chapels, acquired earlier.

The oldest part of the cemetery of Bonaria is located on flat place at the foot of the hill. It is divided into rectangular areas with a neoclassical chapel in the centre, around which you can see a lot of children's graves. In General, the cemetery contains several graves, made with a special grace, which is owned by outstanding people. For example, the above-mentioned archaeologist Giovanni Spano buried in the tomb which he designed and built from ancient fragments. Other graves and chapels of the late 19th - early 20th centuries made in a variety of styles - from Neoclassicism and realism to symbolism and art Nouveau.

The current entrance to the cemetery was built in 1985 year. To his left are memorials to young soldiers killed in the First World, and right opposite is the chapel of 1910, the year with an impressive marble statue of the prophet Ezekiel. Right starts from the entrance of Avenue of General Sanna, named after resting here the General First World Carlo Sanna - he is buried with his wife in a simple tomb of pink granite. There is a monument to Varzea Frances, the wife of a Belgian businessman, with a sculptural composition of the late 19th century. The so-called square San Baudilio rests Ottone Baccaredda, the mayor of Cagliari, responsible for the construction of many interesting buildings such as Palazzo Civico and the Bastion San Remy. You should pay attention to the mausoleum of Barocci-Berol with decorative arches, plaster angels and marble walls.