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The bell tower and Library: photos, description

Hundred-meter bell tower, the Campanile has become the symbol of Venice. It was erected on Roman foundations during the reign of Doge Pietro Tribuno (888 - 912) and for centuries the bell tower resisted the bad weather and earthquakes, but weakened due to careless construction works 14 July 1902 collapsed, destroying a small loggetta, built by Sansovino at the foot of the bell tower. And the bell tower, and Loretta was reconstructed and officially opened in 1912.

Trehorna logetta the work of Sansovino, is decorated with four fine bronze statues of Apollo, mercury, Peace, and Minerva, made by the same sculptor. It was built in 1537-1549 years and there was an armed guard of the Republic during the meeting of the Grand Council.

The magnificent Library building is considered a masterpiece of the architect Sansovino. In 1536, the Senate of the Republic decided to build a library that would make books, donated to the city by cardinal Bessarion, in gratitude for the fact that Venice gave him shelter after fleeing from the Turks. With Piazza San Marco in the building are three main entrances: the closer to the promenade is the entrance to the existing library, on the opposite side is the entrance to the Archeological Museum.