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Comacchio: photo description (Comacchio)

Comacchio is a beautiful town in the Po Delta, on the Eastern coast of Emilia-Romagna to the North of Ravenna. The city lies on several Islands of the river Delta, now connected by bridges and is an attractive place for tourists who can admire here the monuments of architecture and culture.

Familiarity with Comacchio is best to start with a walk along the Canal Maggiore, on the banks of which stands several important architectural monuments, starting from the bridge Ponte San Pietro and Ponte Prigione. With bridges and views of the neoclassical facade of the hospital San Camillo-18th century, designed by Antonio Foschini. The building, conceived as a hospital for the poor, the well and its façade resembles a Greek temple with ionic columns and two towers on the sides.

Nearby stands the Palazzo Bellini, which today houses the city library and the Art gallery of Comacchio.

In Piazza Maggiore you can see two more buildings, admiring its elegance and beauty is the Loggia dei Mercanti with a wonderful cloister of the 17th century and an octagonal Clock tower, rebuilt in the first half of the 19th century.

If you go further along the Channel Maggiore, you can go to the Church Del Carmine, a 17th century Church of Rosario with a brick façade and brick the same bell tower. Inside the Church is decorated with paintings of the 16th-17th centuries. In this part of Comacchio is also an interesting fish market, the Pescheria with its stone and marble benches-shelves.

There is, perhaps, the most beautiful bridge Comacchio - Ponte Trepponti, built of brick and stone in 1634, the year the project Danezi Luke, the author of the Ponte degli Sbirri. The architect managed to combine four of the channel under construction, incredible compositional harmony.

Returning to Piazza Maggiore, in the Western part of the square worth seeing is the Cathedral of San Cassiano mid-17th century it bears the name of the patron Saint of the city. Near the Cathedral stands a beautiful bell tower and arched gallery Lodato dei Cappuccini 140 arches leading to the temple of Santa Maria.