/ / Complex Muratorian: photos, description (Aedes Muratoriana)

Complex Muratorian: photos, description (Aedes Muratoriana)

Aedes Muratoriana - architectural complex in the heart of Modena, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It consists of a group of buildings at number 1 on via della Pomposa in the eponymous square. Includes the Church of Santa Maria della Pomposa and the rectory Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672 - 1750). with garden. Rebuilt in the early 18th century on the initiative of Muratori, who served as parish priest from 1716, the year before his death, this Church and today is notable for some works of art that are stored in it. For example, you can see paintings of Bernardino Worms and Jean Bulanzhe, as well as the wonderful altarpiece. Near the Church of Santa Maria della Pomposa is the house in which he lived Muratori, today it is the Brotherhood of St. Sebastian, the heritage Centre, Muratori, and a Museum in his name.

The brotherhood of St. Sebastian - old order founded in the 16th century. It is still very active and manages the work of the Church as well as performs supervision over the buildings. The heritage centre, Muratori was founded in 1952, the year his main goal is to publish a huge collection of manuscripts of the priest (more than 20 thousand emails) that allows to compose and perform life era.

In 1931, the year the rectory was opened as a Museum Muratori - it is possible to get acquainted with articles Muratori, who among other things was a writer, historian, adviser to the Duke d'este and librarian. In the Museum's collection - manuscripts and personal belongings, for example, walking stick, inkwell, Desk and chair, a librarian, a wall clock donated by Muratori and the crucifix, the lectern (the bench on which be the knees during the prayer), the baptismal font, and a great number of portraits, drawings, sketches and sculptures.

In the house of Muratori also acts organization, established in 1860, the year that deals with the study of the history of the land, which was part of the Duchy of d'este. In the field of view of historians, folklore, dialects, historical and artistic traditions of the inhabitants of these places. Published annually the magazine and themed scientific conference.