/ / The complex of the OSPEDALE degli have Incurabili: photos, description, Ospedale degli Incurabili)

The complex of the OSPEDALE degli have Incurabili: photos, description, Ospedale degli Incurabili)

OSPEDALE degli have Incurabili - Hospital for the terminally ill - an ancient and very remarkable hospital complex in Naples. Part of the complex, including the famous pharmacy, today a Museum of sanitary arts of Naples.

Originally built in the Renaissance style, the complex was formed by combining the churches of Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria Succure, Miseris dei Bianchi and the hospital at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo degli have Incurabili. Over time the complex also included the building adjoining the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie Maggiore Caponapoli and its cloister, the monastery of Santa Maria della Consolazione, the Church of Santa Maria di Gerusalemme and the cloister of Trentatre.

The hospital was founded in 1521, the year at the initiative of Maria Lorenza Longo after she was paralyzed. In the mid-18th century, a certain Antonio Majokko supervised the construction of the pharmacy, and the building project architect Bartolomeo Vecchione. In 1750, the year the sculptor Matteo Bottiglieri created the marble bust Majocchi, which was subsequently installed inside the building. And today the pharmacy building has been preserved almost intact, including offices and about 400 vases in the majolica technique (Albarelli) created by Lorenzo Salandra and Donato Massa for storage of medicinal ingredients. Tiled flooring pharmacy was created by Giuseppe Massa, and on the frescoes of the vaults worked Pietro Bardellino. The building of the pharmacy consists of a large hall, reception room and a small laboratory. The latter is decorated with stucco and feature an elegant work Desk Agostino Fucito.

In the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo is worth to pay attention to a gravestone in the Renaissance style made by Giovanni da Nola and installed at the main altar. The frescoes of the Church belong to different artists - Giuliano Bugiardini Marco Cordisco, Marco Pino etc., In the chapel of the Cappella Montalto you can see the altarpiece by Girolamo D Auria, and in the sacristy there are frescoes by Giovanni Battista Rossi.

Interesting the Church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi, is built by the monastic brotherhood in 1473, the year and attached to the complex. In 1673, the year the building was refurbished in the Baroque style by architect Dionisio Lazzari. Alas, today most of the building is in poor condition. But inside you can still see a statue of the virgin Mary the work of Giovanni da Nola, and a ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battista Bienski. And the vestry of the Church are decorated with frescoes by Paolo De Matteis with the image of members of the monastic brotherhood.