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The complex of Sant'orso: photo description (Sant'orso)

The complex of Sant'orso, dedicated to St. Ursu Actsoma, is one of the major attractions of Aosta and one of the most interesting religious complexes in the Alps, consisting of the churches of St. Peter and St. Orso, a wonderful free-standing bell tower, great cloister and the cloister in the Renaissance style.

In ancient times the site of the complex of Sant'orso was a vast city of the necropolis, whose territory in the 5th century, was erected the early Christian Church. The original building of the Church of Sant'orso consisted of one room, bounded by a semicircular apse. And in the 9th century, during the reign of the Carolingian dynasty, it was completely rebuilt. Later, at the initiative of the local Bishop Anselm in the Church was held another reconstruction - this time, it was built on the plan of a Basilica with three naves with wooden trusses. The latest in the 15th century and replaced the Gothic groin vaults. The Gothic period is the same choirs and mosaics.

Today in the Church of Sant'orso kept a lot of massalov - liturgical books and reliquaries, including the relics of St. Ursus, which rest in the crypt, and the relics of St. gratus of Atiskova. Special attention is given to the cloister of the Church is decorated with figures of people and animals capitals depicting scenes from the life of URSA Atiskova - the "marble masterpiece." The cloister consists of 37 marble columns, however, the North side in the 18th century was demolished.

The 44-meter bell tower of the complex, erected in 989, the year, retained part of the original medieval structure, although its present Romanesque appearance of it is found in the 12th century. Inside the Church, in the space between this arch and the original ceiling, the fragments of Romanesque murals depicting scenes from the New Testament.