/ / The complex of Santa Maria della Scala: pictures, description Santa Maria della Scala)

The complex of Santa Maria della Scala: pictures, description Santa Maria della Scala)

The complex of Santa Maria della Scala, once one of the largest hospitals of Europe, located on the via Francigena, right in front of the majestic Cathedral of Siena. Today this building is turned into the most important and the largest Museum complex in the city, which exhibits interesting works of art.

The former hospital Santa Maria della Scala was one of the first European samples of the institution, fully devoted to the reception of pilgrims and strangers, which also helped the poor and gave shelter to disadvantaged children. Initially, the management of the hospital was carried out by members of the religious community, held in the Cathedral, and later it passed to the municipality of Siena. Thanks to generous donations from wealthy residents of the city, this institution soon began to play a very important role in the social life of the commune. Administration of the hospital was a lot of land and different property across the city. Equally important is the role it played in the cultural life of Siena, this building was home to many famous artists, including Simone Martini, who wrote a great cycle of frescoes of scenes from the life of the virgin Mary, of Ambrogio and Pietro Lorenzetti, as well as by Sebastiano Conca.

Today, the complex of Santa Maria della Scala, some parts of which are under restoration, is one of the most important Museum complexes of the city. It consists of several independent museums, which occupy four floors, three of them are open to the public.

The main section of the hospital is called "Pellegrinaio" or Hall of the Pilgrims - it is located on the 4th floor is a huge room, completely painted with frescoes that depict scenes from the history of the hospital. The authorship of the frescoes were created by Domenico di Bartolo, Lorenzo Vecchietta and Priyam della Quercia. On the same level are constructed in the 13th century Church of the Santissima Annunziata, inside which is kept a magnificent bronze statue of the Risen Christ work Vecchietta Lorenzo, Old Sacristy, Palazzo Squarcialupi, the chapel of the Madonna and the chapel of the Mantel.

On the third floor of Santa Maria della Scala located the so-called Corticella - small patio where you can see the medieval barn with a real marble fountain, the Fonte Gaia (copy decorates the main square of Siena, Piazza del Campo) works of Jacopo della Quercia. Here is the chapel of St. Catherine and the historic areas, which met the Society of charitable instruction execution.

The first floor of the hospital is the Archaeological Museum, whose collections are exhibited along the impressive tunnel dug in the tuff. In addition, the complex includes a Library brigantia with extensive photo collection, a Children's Art Museum and contemporary art Center. Also this "city within the city regularly hosts exhibitions, congresses and various cultural events.