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Concordia Peterburg: photos, description (Concordia Sagittaria)

Concordia Peterburg was founded in 42 BC by the Romans on the place where he crossed paths with the Wii and Wii Annija Postumia. Concordia soon became a city of special importance, and between the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC was a military Outpost. In that period the Italian Peninsula was often attacked the barbarians, and to protect occupants in an open area of Aquileia to Concordia was the place for the soldiers, which could promptly come to the aid of the inhabitants of the "City of the Patriarchs."

It is through relationships with Aquiléia Concordia during the decline of the Roman Empire, grew up culturally - this also contributed to the rapid spread of Christianity and the establishment of the Church hierarchy. However, at the end of the 6th century as a result of devastating floods and the constant attacks of the barbarians, the city was seriously damaged. The revival of Concord took place only between the 10th and 11th centuries, when there was built a Cathedral. However, shortly thereafter due to adverse sanitary situation in the city is an Episcopal see was moved to nearby Portogruaro. This, of course, was one of the reasons that Concordia has remained a small provincial town.

Today, if you want to travel back in time, you definitely need to visit the Concordia Peterburg with its well-preserved atmosphere of the Ancient Rome. This city is rich in monuments of history and architecture - buildings, squares, Roman ruins and churches. Many artifacts found in Concordia, exhibited in the Archaeological Museum. Along via San Pietro you can see the arch of a Roman bridge, the forum and the amphitheatre. And near via Claudia there are the baths - one of the most important buildings in the public life of the Romans.

This archaeological jewel of Concordia is the square with the ruins of Trichora of Martyrium the middle of the 4th century, this building was built in memory of velikomuchenitsi the exploits of the first Christians. Here stands the Cathedral of San Stefano of the 10th century ruins of the Basilica of the 4th century, which preserved fragments of the mosaic. Complete General view of the main square of Concordia bell tower 28 meters high and the baptistery of the end of the 9th century, built in Byzantine style and preserving the ancient frescoes and antique font.