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Konya: photo description (Cogne)

Cogne is a town located at an altitude of 1534 meters above sea level in the heart of the national Park "Gran Paradiso" and considered him a "capital". In ancient times it was the center of the lands of the tribe salasso, then an important centre of iron ore, and today is a popular tourist destination, able to boast a rich history, monuments of culture and architecture and colorful festivals and holidays.

Up the road from the centre of Val d'aosta, tourists are usually amazed at the incredible size of the meadow of Sant'orso - green floral carpet in the summer and covered with the purest snow in the winter. Between him and pine forest and lies Cogne is one of the largest ski resorts in the valley. It was here, on the slopes of the Alpine peaks of Grivola and Gran Paradiso, are some of the most important international competitions in skiing, for example, the 45-kilometer race of the Gran Paradiso March.

However, without ski these places are worth visiting - here you can go Hiking or horse trekking, mountain Biking or rafting on the raft. Nature lovers will love a trip to one of the 130 waterfalls of Lillash or Valenti or a visit to the Botanical gardens Paradise", which grows over 1,000 species of mountain flora from around the globe.

In the heart of Cogne also have to look at. For example, the parish Church of Sant'orso - according to legend, the place of its construction it was stated above. To the inhabitants of the town to serve Sunday mass had to take the long path to the chapel Kre. In winter, this road was very difficult due to the abundance of snow and ice, so tired of the townspeople and decided to build a Church in Konya. For this selected place on the right Bank of a small river. But then a strange thing happened - when this place brought gifts promised, they vanished and appeared on the other side of the river. Despite numerous attempts to return them to the place they after some time he always appeared on the opposite Bank. And then the people of Konya decided that God himself tells them where to build the Church, and so they did.

A long time landmark of Konya was the Ponte di Gevril over the Grand Eyvia. It was a real architectural masterpiece, designed in Turin in 1865, the year to connect Cogne from Aosta. Unfortunately, in 2011, the year he collapsed and was never restored.

Among the other attractions of Konya and the surrounding area worth seeing is the Villa Dess, Casa, Grappein, Castello Reale close to the parish Church, the fortress of Paris and Caramel, the ethnographic Museum Maison Gerard-Dine and Museum of minerals.