/ / Naval Museum: photos, description (Museo Navale)

Naval Museum: photos, description (Museo Navale)

Naval Museum Empire introduces visitors to the history of the relationship between man and sea for the past thousand years. Hundreds of documents of mid-18th - mid-20th centuries, tell about the travels and traditions of merchant and naval fleets, and extensive collection of marine charts, compasses, sextants, and other instruments illustrates the evolution of marine navigation equipment for centuries. The most interesting section of the Museum, one of the first in Europe dedicated to wooden shipbuilding - here are exhibited models and artistic reconstruction of the shipyards, vessels and equipment. The Museum's collection includes over 150 models of ships and documents, uniforms, medals, objects of daily use of seamen, memorabilia and other relics. In addition to the rooms devoted to the Navy, deep sea divers and sailing around Cape horn Ship Museum can offer its guests an interesting specialized library.

Special attention deserves the building itself, which houses the Museum, a beautiful Palazzo of the 19th century in Piazza Duomo directly opposite the beautiful Cathedral of San Maurizio, dominating the rocky promontory of Porto Maurizio.

Naval Museum of the Empire was founded in 1980 and has quickly gained recognition worldwide. Its founder and first Director was captain Flavio Serafini, who was able to combine the efforts of many enthusiasts and scientists, exploring Maritime history. The result of undertaking Serafini was the preservation of unique exhibits related to the history of Ligurian and Italian fleets. I wonder what the Museum staff are members of the Association "friends of the Naval Museum - the former naval officers, captains of the merchant fleet, faculty of marine disciplines, divers, scientists, etc.