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Theatre Royal: photos, description (Teatro Regio)

Royal theatre, the famous Opera house in Turin. The theatre season lasts from October to June, during this time is given 8 or 9 presentations, each of 5 to 12 times.

From the mid-16th century in Turin acted in several theatrical venues in different buildings, but only in 1713, the year it was decided to build a special building for this purpose. On the project the future of the Royal theater he worked as an architect Filippo Juvarra, but actual construction only began in 1738, the year after the death of the architect during the reign of Charles Emmanuel III. Supervised the construction works Benedetto Alfieri.

Grand opening of the theater took place on 26 December 1740, the year - were given a work of the famous in those years the composer Francesco FeO. This was a luxurious building, accommodates fifteen thousand spectators, which were placed at five levels of the hall and in the gallery. However, in 1792, the year the theater was closed by order of the king, and the building converted into a warehouse. During the French occupation of Turin during the Napoleonic wars, the theater was renamed the national but after Napoleon got the title of Emperor, - was called the Imperial theatre. Only in 1814, the year after the fall of the great Corsican, the theatre regained its former name, and he again became King. In the following years the Opera house has survived several financial crises, and in 1870 was taken under the care of the municipality.

I must say that in Turin there were other theatres, for example, the Carignano Theatre in 1824, the year, which also was the view. This theatre in 1932, the year also was acquired by the municipality, and after the Royal theater burned down in 1936 year, the Carignano theatre for many years was the main Opera scene of the city.

In the early 20th century, before the fateful fire, in Turin there was talk about whether or not to rebuild the Royal theatre or is it better to build a new building, meet the requirements of the time. We developed two projects, one of which, eventually won, included increasing the capacity of the auditoriums to 2415 people. This was achieved by creating a huge amphitheatre. Work on the reconstruction of the theatre Royal was completed in 1905-m to year, but with the outbreak of the First World war, the theatre was closed until 1919. And in 1936, the year, as mentioned above, there was a huge fire completely destroyed the entire building except the facade. Then broke out the Second World war, and the General financial situation did not allow to rebuild the theatre. Only in 1963, the year began restoration work, which in total lasted 10 years. The opening of the refurbished Royal theatre was held on 10 April 1973, the first year production of the Opera by Giuseppe Verdi with participation of the renowned Maria Callas.