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Corso Italia: photos, description (Corso Italia)

Corso Italia — the main promenade of Genoa. This 2.5 km-long road connects the urban neighbourhoods of Foce and Boccadasse. Before the urbanization of the Eastern suburbs of Genoa, only narrow roads and Hiking trails crossing the hills and the cliffs where today stretches of Corso Italia. This promenade was built after the First World war as a result of the ambitious plan for the development of the whole Genoese quarter of Alvaro approved in 1910-ies. In the late 1980's-early 1990-ies, Corso Italia has been completely rebuilt — added new sidewalks, benches and gazebos.

Today, Corso Italia is one of the most popular and lively streets of Genoa. Here like to walk sweethearts, and families with children, there are opportunities for Jogging. Along the street are numerous restaurants, bars, swimming pools and sports clubs, is always filled with residents. There are also private beaches. Among the interesting attractions Corso Italia, you can call the lighthouse of Punta Vagno, the Abbey of San Giuliano, built in 1282, the castle of San Giuliano — one of 16 ancient fortresses of Genoa, Church of Sant Antonio, a fishing village of Boccadasse and Lido di Alvaro — famous beach resort.